Cambodia Chamber of Commerce

Cambodia Chamber of Commerce

Phnom Penh , CAMBODIA

+855-23 880 795

About Cambodia Chamber of Commerce

In Cambodia, Chamber of Commerce is established under the Law on Chamber of Commerce promulgated in 1995 and its relevant amendment and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia. By nature, Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary membership-based and is a not-for-profit institution representing private sector interests in commercial, industrial, service and craft and agricultural sectors and dedicates to the economic well-being of their territory and of the country as a whole. Large, medium and small legal businesses from virtually every profession across the nation could join the chamber of commerce. The Chamber of Commerce work to make their voice heard and contribute to the efficiency of the government, thus, making business environment friendlier to businesses.

There are 12 municipal/provincial chambers of commerce representing their member businesses in their respective territory. The growing number of local chambers of commerce, from just one which is the Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce by the end of 2004, represents the increase of economic and business activities in the country which recorded one of the highest growths among developing economies in the world. Local Chambers of Commerce forms up a Cambodia Chamber of Commerce which has a nation-wide jurisdiction and constituency.

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